How it all started

One cold December morning (the temperature in the low 30's) in 1990 while driving to work, I spotted four young boys and girls walking to Statesville Road Elementary School wearing only long sleeve shirts, no coats or sweaters. THIS DISTURBED ME!  When I arrived at work I phoned the school secretary, who I knew, and inquired about the children.  There were a total of six children in the family being raised by a man and woman living together, but separated from their spouses. They were trying to raise two families on a limited income.  I advised my co-workers of the situation and we raised six-hundred dollars with which we were able to buy each child a new coat, clothes and a few toys to share.  Paw Creek Post 353 American Legion also donated $100 worth of food, including a cooked turkey meal.  The look on the children's faces when Santa stepped into their house inspires me to carry on this ministry each year.  It is now 2012 and we haven't missed a Christmas yet!

Mission Statement

Each year as our economy worsens and more people are out of work, it is becoming harder to obtain the funds. This is why we are pleading for your help.  Can you imagine how hard it would be to try and explain to your child on Christmas morning why Santa didn't leave them any presents?  We set a goal to help at least 100 children every year but we would like to help a thousand.

--Mike Kleban

100% of the monies received go directly to the children.